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in the heart of the Berchtesgaden mountains

Berchtesgaden national park, the wilderness returns

High, wild and beautiful – „King“ Watzmann towers high above Berchtesgaden and looks down on his realm: the Berchtesgaden national park. The only alpine national park of Germany is the habitat of numerous rare animals and plants.

Let nature be nature – this is the motto in the mountains and valleys around the world-famous   Königssee. The golden eagle majestically wheels above the Klausbach Valley, marmots run around on the Königsbach Alp and in the sheer cliffs the chamois and the rock-goat show their climbing skills.

Approx 230 km of hiking trails and alpine climbing routes lead you through the Berchtesgaden National park – some of them start right in front of your hotel door! It’s the season of nature all year long. Convince yourself and get to know the secrets of the golden eagle, marmot & Co.!

The only alpine national park in Germany

The Berchtesgaden national park is located in southern Germany in the Free State Bavaria, right at the border with Austria. It is approx 21.000 ha in size and is fully owned by the state. The highest point in the Berchtesgaden national park is the Watzmann with 2713 m. The six information points of the national park provide interesting information about the nature reserve. By the way, entrance is free!

Be there! Guided hikes in the Berchtesgaden national park

Can a stone tell something? How does the marmot warn his companions for the golden eagle? And where can the kids meet a real mountain troll? You want to know exactly? Then join a guided hike in the Berchtesgaden national park! Both in summer and winter the national park team Has a varied programme to offer. Whether families with children, hobby explorers or ambitious mountain hikers – there is something for everyone here.

National Park-Haus Berchtesgaden

  • Information point Hintersee ("Klausbachhaus")
  • Information point Wimbachbrücke
  • Information point Kühroint
  • Information point St. Bartholomä
  • Information point Engert

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By the way: the guided activities in the Berchtesgaden national park are free, registration is not required!