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in the heart of the Berchtesgaden mountains

Salzkammergut, one of the most beautiful parts of the Alps

The Salzkammergut is scenically one of the most beautiful parts of the Alps with magnificent mountain basins, dark green lakes, wild brooks and majestic mountains. Emperor Franz Joseph I and his suite already loved to come to the Salzkammergut for summer freshness and the hunt  Excursion to the Ausseerland area, to the Wolfgang-, Traun-, Atter-, Mond-, and Fuschlsee region, Bad Ischl, Attergau and Almtal are worthwile.

The Wolfgangsee is considered to be one of the most impressive lakes in Austria.

The Salzkammergut is also known for its ancient customs and traditions. This is where the “Glöcklerlauf” and the annual “Narzissenfest” (narcissi festival) take place in the Ausseerland. The romantic scenery has always inspired artists as well.

This wonderful area can be explored from the water with the Wolfgansee boat trip. The immense charm of the region, which is located in the Austrian federal states of Upper Austria, Salzburg and Styria offers a varied mixture of wild-romatic high- and low mountainn ranges,  the Totes Gebirge mountain range, the Dachstein Massif, and the Höllengebirge mountain range, a unique alpine flora and fauna, conscientiously cultivated landscapesas well as wonderful lakes in drinking water quality.

St. Wolfgang owes its name to Saint Wolfgang. In the late-Gothic  parish church you can admire the Gotisch, winged altar created by Michael Pacher, as well as the statues of saints of Meinrad Guggenbichler. Another attraction at the Wolfgangsee is the “Weiße Rössl”.  On November 8, 1930 the comedy “Im weißen Rößl am Wolfgangsee” premiered in Berlin. This folkloric reveu attracted film greats from all over  the world to St. Wolfgang and provided it world fame!