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Salzburg, City of Mozart

We recommend an extensive shopping- and sightseeing tour through the romantic old town of our neighbouring city Salzburg. Salzburg simpy has something to offer for everyone. Mozart’s birthplace, fortress Hohensalzburg, which dominates the City of Mozart, It is the landmark of the city. Salzburg is the oldest city in the area of today’s Austria and has lots of curiosities:

  • the oldest road tunnel in Austria, the Sigmundtor
  • the largest, historical fortification of Central Europe, fortress  Hohensalzburg
  • the oldest medieval water tunnel of Central Europa, the Almkanal
  • the world’s oldest preserved cable railway, which brings you to the fortress
  • the worldwide best preserved watergames in Hellbrunn
  • the world’s oldest presverd avenue, the Hellbrunner Allee

Stroll through the world-famous Getreidegasse. Visit the house on Getreidegasse Nr. 9 in Salzburg, this is where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born.

He spent more than half of his short life in Salzburg, that’s why the city is also called “City of Mozart”. Try a “Einspänner” or a “Melange” in a cosy Vienna-style café or enjoy Salzburg from a quite unusual  persppective by making a boat trip with the “Amadeus Salzburg” panorama vessel. On September 25, 1628 the Salzburg C was inaugurated by the Prince Archbischop Paris von Lodron.

The mighty baroque building with a length of 101 m was dedicated to the Saints Rupert and Virgil. The transept measures 69 m, the cathedral can accommodate approx 10.000 people, the tower is 81 m hight, the dome 71 m and the height of the nave is 32 m. The 8-days inauguration party of the catherdral presumably was the largest hirstorical festival ever celebrated in the city of Salzburg  On November 21, 1747, the parents of Mozart were married in the cathedral of Salzburg  and Wolfgang was also baptized here.   Every year during the Salzburg Festival, the play of the rich man’s life and death, Hugo von Hofmannthal’s “Jedermann” is performed in front of the cathedral’s façade.